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Miss Malayalee Worldwide Personality Contest and Cultural Fiesta
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Miss Malayalee Worldwide Personality Contest and Cultural Fiesta

Miss Malayalee Worldwide Personality Contest and Cultural Fiesta 

WMC takes to stage Miss Malayalee, a world wide attempt to connect with the youth of Kerala scattered all over the globe to show off their magical appeal. This is a golden chance for all to enjoy the lavish spread of Cultural Fiesta wherever the preliminary selection round takes place. The finalists are scheduled to meet at Kochi and vie for the ultimate winner’s title Miss Malayalee Worldwide. WMC makes a leap into the social and cultural arena by encouraging your enthusiastic participation in its novel venture- a Personality Contest which is open to all women of Malayalee heritage born between 1st December, 1986 and 1st December 1995. Preliminary contests will be held between May 1 and December 1, 2013 at Province or country level to select their nominees for the final contest.

 The preliminary winner will be named Miss Malayalee for that Place, for example Miss Malayalee USA, Miss Malayalee Kenya, Miss Malayalee Kerala , Miss Malayalee Singapore etc. All preliminary and final contests will follow the same pattern to test Poise, Personality, Presentation, Performance, Style, Appearance, Intelligence and Confidence as follows. (Criteria for Evaluation is bracketed)

 1. Appearance in Traditional Kerala costume –( Poise and personality) 2. Talent Presentation (3 minutes) – (Presentation and Performance) 3. Appearance in Sari – Traditional saree wear - Style and justice done to the traditional appeal) Overall appearance as Malayalee Vanitha) 4. Question and Answer The Non-resident Kerala Dress (Indian/Global) ( intelligence and confidence.) Grand Finale on 28 December at Gokulam Park Hotel, Kochi, Kerala, India The irresistible Cash Bonanza awaits the winners apart from accommodation with food and other facilities on December 27 and 28 at Gokulam Park Hotel, Kochi to all finalists. 

 PRIZES Winner (Total worth about Rs.3,50,000.00) Crown, Cash Prize - Rs.1,50,000.00, Gold Certificate - Rs.100, 000.00, Gift Certificates - Rs.75,000.00, Three days Kerala Tour package First Runner Up (Total worth about Rs.250,000.00) Cash prize - Rs.100,000.00, Gold Certificate - Rs.75,000.00, Gift Certificate - Rs.50,000.00, Three days Kerala Tour package Second Runner UP (Total worth about Rs.150000.00) Cash prize - Rs.50, 000.00, Gold Certificate - Rs.5,0000.00, Gift Certificate - Rs.25,000, Three days Kerala Tour package All Participants Gift Certificate - Rs.15,000 each 

For more information, please contact: Andrew Pappachen Chairman, Miss Malayalee Worldwide Contest, World Malayalee Council email:
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 Name : kannan
 Address : executive , ernakulam dist ,kerala
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 Phone : 9605082811

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