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UK & Northern Ireland for 2013 Missmalayalee world wide event.
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UK & Northern Ireland for 2013 Missmalayalee world wide event.

“ MA  & LAYA with LEE “ 

Inviting application from participants from UK & Northern Ireland for  2013 Missmalayalee world wide event.

Miss Malayalee Worldwide 2013 is a personality pageant designed to reach out to the exquisite talents of young malayalee female, residing in different parts of the world. We are inviting you to partake this mega marvel, the gateway of glamour and fame, the threshold of fashion and art.

The final event shall be held on the 28th of December, 2013 at Gokulam Park, Cochin , Kerala, INDIA from 5 PM onwards.

 UK & Northern Ireland Preliminary contests will be Invited for a special award function

on 14 th Dec 13, in Summer meadows, Londonderry ( Named as ‘One of the Top Ten Cities in the World to visit in 2013’ by the Lonely Planet ).This special event is projected to support  uk city of culture 2013

“ MA & LAYA with LEE is designed as a special event in  beauty of culture from all over the world with  fashion shows,  traditional music entertainments, with dinner in spicy south Indian style.

Our aims to empower our contests with new skills and knowledge on  styling, and personal grooming.

The final contest shall have three winners and they shall be titled
Miss Malayalee UK & Northern Ireland 2013
Miss Malayalee UK & Northern Ireland 2013 - First Runner Up
Miss Malayalee UK & Northern Ireland 2013 - Second Runner Up

Events Organizers  and sponsors In UK & Northern Ireland

Kerala associations, malayalee associations, always entertainmeys (youtube Live channel),, asianfoods NI, Caro India,

For good relationship in UK please contact

Please contact the families for more information’s

A.S. Jose-  Bahrain & india          +97339635391

Raju Kunnakkattu. (IRELAND) Ph: 35314411635. email:

Gopakumar vattakutu & Sree renjani _ Lisburn & belfast_

Biju Narayanan & seema _ Londonderry _ 

John Varghese & Asha john _Northern Ireland & Scotland _

Rajan lukose & Rachel George_ Londonderry_

Dibin sasidharan & Asha_ Liverpool & Blackpool _

Arun raj & Divya _ Birmingham & London _ 

Sinoj Jacob & Lincy Mathew _London _      

Joby joseph &jessy mol joby_  Northampton _

Santhosh kumar & Ambili _ Uk & northern Ireland _

Online registration & Rules and Regulations

Prizes for the Winners of Miss Malayalee Worldwide

Winner (Total worth about Rs.350,000.00) 
Cash Prize - Rs.150000.00
Gold Certificate - Rs.100000.00
Gift Certificates - Rs.75,000.00
Three days Kerala Tour package

First Runner Up (Total worth about Rs.250,000.00) 
Cash prize - Rs.100,000.00
Gold Certificate - Rs.75,000.00
Gift Certificate - Rs.50000.00
Three days Kerala Tour package

Second Runner UP(Total worth about Rs.150000.00)
Cash prize - Rs.50000.00
Gold Certificate - Rs.50000.00
Gift Certificate - Rs.25,000
Three days Kerala Tour package

All Participants
Gift Certificate - Rs.15,000 each

Rules and Regulations Miss Malayalee Worldwide is a personality contest open to all young women of Malayalee (Kerala) heritage within the age group of 18 to 27 (Born between December 1, 1986 and December 27, 1995. 
Contestants must provide proof of age (School Certificate, Passport, Aadhaar etc.) Malayalee young women mean, born to Malayalee parent (one of the parents must be Malayalee). Must provide proof if asked for.

Preliminary contests will be held all over the World at various cities between September 1st and December 14th, 2013 to select the finalist from that Country, State or City. The preliminary winner will be named Miss Malayalee for that Place, for example Miss Malayalee New York, Miss Malayalee Kenya, Miss Malayalee Kerala , Miss Malayalee Singapore etc. Once selected at the province level, the travel , stay and other expenses will be met by WMC.

The final contest shall have three winners and they shall be titled
Miss Malayalee Worldwide 2013
Miss Malayalee Worldwide 2013 - First Runner Up
Miss Malayalee Worldwide 2013 - Second Runner Up

There shall be four categories for both preliminary and final contests to test Poise, Personality, Presentation, Performance, Style, Appearance, Intelligence and Confidence.

1) Appearance in Traditional Kerala dress - Test for Poise and personality
2) Talent Presentation (3 minutes) - Test for presentation and performance
3) Appearance in Sari - Test for style and appearance
4) Question and Answer (Appear in any dress) - Test for intelligence and confidence

After the first three rounds, the five total highest scorers shall be selected a finalists. These five will appear for the question and answer round. Separate question will be asked to each five. Their final score will be added to the total score of previous rounds to select the winners. If there is a tie, the finalist will under go another set of questions to select the winner.


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