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That's the coolest picture !!
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That's the coolest picture !!

A view from Water Color, FL...near Rosemary Beach.
Enjoying the break and the sunshine with a bunch of teenage girls.

Mike Downes's profile photo
Mike Downes  -  +Sarah Hill that's a sixtruplet of attitude right there lol Have a great time ..
Yesterday 7:11 PM   
Albin Thorning's profile photo
Albin Thorning  -  Ok, once more, but with the photographer on the other side!
Yesterday 7:11 PM   
Khristina Johnson's profile photo
Yesterday 7:12 PM        
Okyay Dede's profile photo
Okyay Dede  -  Now, I want to be there...
Yesterday 7:48 PM        
Altin Gorezi's profile photo
Altin Gorezi  -  which of one are you
Yesterday 8:44 PM   
Michael Tucker's profile photo
Michael Tucker  -  How is the baseball tournament going +Sarah Hill?
Yesterday 8:49 PM   
Mike Downes's profile photo
Mike Downes  -  +Altin Gorezi Now that would be fun.. if one of them were +Sarah Hill ..
Yesterday 8:53 PM   
Joseph Puglisi's profile photo
Joseph Puglisi  -  +Sarah Hill I bet you don't see a sight like that at home! Enjoy your vacation and best of luck at the game(s) ...
Yesterday 9:31 PM   
Robert Redl's profile photo
Robert Redl  -  wow your daughters have grown up quite fast+Sarah Hill
Yesterday 10:16 PM   
Eiji Kumamaru's profile photo
Eiji Kumamaru  -  Beautiful. : )
Yesterday 11:54 PM   
Sarah Hill's profile photo
Sarah Hill  -  Baseball tourney tomorrow +Michael Tucker +Altin Gorezi I"m not in that photo.... I wish I looked like those girls though. :)
3:54 AM   
Michael Tucker's profile photo
Michael Tucker  -  So are we getting a video via Bambuser on the baseball +Sarah Hill.?
Your videos from the field are always the most fun!
3:57 AM         
Jen Reeves's profile photo
Jen Reeves  -  That's the coolest picture!!
3:43 PM   
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